Todabone Furrious Balanced Mods

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Todabone Furiious has handmade tailored mod-balance.

There are 17 Tiers or Levels you can achieve. Starting with your mining pickaxe, which will evolve through the whole game, allowing you to gather better materials every level. The progression has been smoothly tailored, you you will not be staying with your sole basic flint pickaxe for days, and suddently get all the technology at once.

I personally modified over 700 recipe to make things happen. Every time we provide a modpack update there may be some tweaks changing some recipe, until its final version I will work hard to make sure the balance of the whole pack stays on its feets.

After spending weeks understanding fully how each mod is related to the others, what is overpowered when included in the modpack, what is too difficult to get when some recipes are tweaked ... everything is related, and it makes it difficult to manage the whole balance. But I am satisfied with the results, already from the closed Alpha Version. - MaxwellJoneZ

A note about tweaking Mekanism.

This mod is somehow one of the key mods in a tech modpack. It's a complete mod, built with a lot of care, but with so much care that it is not fully compatible (in the 1.7.10 version) with other very important mods like minetweaker and modtweaker. As some mekanism items can't be tweaked, we had to find some workarounds, and hope this will not remove anything positive for the modpack experience.

Here's the list of the known mekanism items that are not tweakable:

  • Energized Smelter
  • Enrichment Chamber
  • Purification Chamber
  • Crusher
  • Eletrolyric Separator
  • Chemical Infuser
  • Chemical Dissolution Chamber
  • Chemical Washer
  • Combiner
  • Digital Miner
  • Teleporter
  • Logistical Sorter